Why Participate?

Access to detailed pay data on over 70 jobs

  • See the full list of jobs here. New jobs are added periodically to ensure relevance and changing market conditions.
  • Full list of the jobs can be seen here.
  • A sample of a job page report can be seen here.

Access to analytics tools, to allow for custom views of the survey results

Analytics tools are available to Participants of the survey with purchase.

  • Online Query – includes custom peer grouping
  • Quick Comparison
  • Detailed Job Report
  • Hybrid Job Developer

Membership in the Think Tank Discussion list

  • An informal, unmoderated email discussion list that includes the senior HR leaders of each participating organization. Participate in this open exchange of ideas, and information with peers. Post questions and to your colleagues and gain from their insights and experience.
  • Participation in the discussion list is strictly limited to participants of the survey.

Invitation to Annual Think Tank forum

  • Senior HR leaders from participating organizations meet in-person once a year, usually in May, in Washington DC to review the survey results, hear from experts and speakers on various topics of interest to the group. We also discuss additions or changes to the survey in the upcoming year, e.g. jobs to add, or topics to be surveyed.
  • Participation in the forum is strictly limited to participants of the survey.

Discount on the purchase price:

  • Participant price for the survey is $600
  • Non-participant price for the survey is $1250