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Compensation Analytics Tools

Online Query Tool

Online Query Tool

The Online Query Tool provides on-line access to Compensation Survey data and allows you to perform unlimited searches. Customize your search based on criteria such as location, size, revenue, or type of industry. You may also export your search results to Excel or generate a PDF report.

One key advantage of each tool over a traditional .pdf survey report is that you can use multiple selection criteria to narrow, or expand, a report for any job in the survey. For instance, you can view compensation data for exclusively "Think Tanks in Washington, D.C." Additionally you can filter out your company's data.

Job Comparison

The Job Comparison tool allows participants to generate a report of all your jobs, showing the difference in average and median base pay with the survey, your peer groups, or a custom mix of participants.

Job Report

The Job Report provides a detailed look at how a participant's incumbent data compares to the survey data. Comparisons are made against the total survey and each participant's demographic group.

Job Hybridizer

Have a unique job in your organization that’s difficult to match? Do you have an incumbent performing multiple roles? The Job Hybridizer allows users to create a custom benchmark job by combining multiple survey benchmark jobs into a single composite position.