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National Think Tank

Compensation Survey


12/16/2019 2020 Think Tank Survey Open For Participation
2/25/2020 2020 Think Tank Survey Participation Deadline
4/3/2020 The 2020 Think Tank Survey Report is now available!

What are you looking for in a Survey?

  •   Comprehensive Compensation and Benefits Policies and Practices?
  •   Detailed Pay Data For Over 70 Think Tank Specific Jobs?
  •   On-line, Searchable Access to Compensation Data?
  •   Detailed Sections on Healthcare, Retirement and Leave Benefits?

The National Think Tank Compensation Survey includes all of this and more! Think tanks and research organizations represent a unique segment of employers. Typically considered small employers by private-sector standards, these organizations employ nationally recognized experts in their fields and must remain competitive by offering a combination of pay and practices that sets them apart from other smaller employers. For this reason, a specialized survey of think tanks offers unique insights into these employers’ hiring practices. Our aim has always been to create a survey that would uniquely address the needs of this community, both in terms of the questions that are asked and the jobs that are surveyed. Find out more here.

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