HRA-NCA Compensation Survey:
Anatomy of a Survey Job

The HRA-NCA Compensation Survey has been a robust and reliable source of Compensation data in the Washington-Baltimore area for over 35 years. The survey reports pay ranges, new hire rate, base pay, Short-Term Incentive, Security Clearance pay differentials and more for over 540 survey jobs. This information can prove invaluable when market pricing a new position or adjusting salaries for promotions, but for new HR Professionals and recent Compensation Practioners salary surveys can provide an almost overwhleming ammount of information.

Our "Anatomy of a Survey Job" feature seeks to explain how data is reported for each section of a typical survey job and help acquaint survey users with how to interpret compensation data featured in the survey report. To learn more about what is reported for each job, mouse over the sample pages below and read the tooltips for additional information about each section.