Exclusive Feature for Respondents: Special Cuts

Find exactly where your organization fits in, compare Compensation and Benefits data to organizations you select!

Access to Special Cuts allows your organization to request unique cuts of both the Compensation and Benefits Survey Reports to include data from only respondents you select. Select a minimum of 25 respondents and compare Compensation data for over 500 jobs and Benefits policies on healthcare, retirement, leave and much more. View last year’s respondents for the Compensation Survey here.

Additionally, request one of over 30 standard special cuts relevant to your organization- 13 industry cuts, 6 revenue cuts, 6 size cuts, and 8 location cuts are available to provide your company with even more valuable and relevant Compensation and Benefits data.

Combined with the On-line Query Tool your organization can create an in-depth profile of Compensation Data for a customized peer group. The On-Line Query Tools provides online access to the Compensation Survey jobs data, allowing unlimited customized search by revenue, size, location, industry, or exclusively government contractors. Learn more about the On-Line Query Tool.