NCA Salary Planning Survey

DC SHRM has conducted the Salary Planning Survey in the Washington-Baltimore Area for over 20 years.

The Salary Planning Survey is an invaluable budgeting tool for pay increase budgets, variable pay, and staffing plans for next year. This economical report provides detailed breakouts by industry, revenue, size and location. With participation from 121 companies in the Washington-Baltimore area, the Salary Planning Survey helps you answer tough questions as you plan for your budgeting and policy needs.

The Salary Planning Survey includes a further breakdown of Pay Increase Budgets by merit-based increases, promotion-based increases, equity adjustments and COLA for exempt and non-exempt employees.

The Salary Planning Survey Report is published by DC SHRM and is distributed free of charge to employers that participate.

2022 Salary Planning Survey Report

The 2022 Salary Planning Survey report includes information from 135 participating organizations representing Government Contractors, Non-Profits, Healthcare organizations, Associations, Financial institutions and more.