Survey Products
Benefits Survey (PDF) Compensation Survey (PDF) Bundle (Benefits & Compensation) Online Query Government Contractors Survey (PDF) Salary Planning Survey
0-99 Employees $235 $420 $580 (save $75) included in Comp Survey order $315 FREE
100+ Employees $290 $660 $900 (save $50) included in Comp Survey order $450 FREE
Note: To obtain a Bundle discount, participation in both surveys is required.
0-99 Employees $500 $955 $1280 (save $175) $2500 $600 $150
100+ Employees $625 $1400 $1875 (save $150) $2500 $850 $150
Hard Copy Options
All prices above are for electronic (PDF) copies of the survey products. The Benefits Survey and Salary Planning Survey are only available in PDF. Optionally, the Compensation Survey and the Government Contractors Survey can be ordered in hard-copy for a fee.
Compensation Survey in 3-Ring Binder $80
Compensation Survey in Spiral Binder $90
Government Contractors Survey in GBC (Plastic Spiral) $80
Prior Year Surveys
Any prior year survey can be ordered in PDF format for $300.
Members of SHRM chapters and other organizations around the region are extended a membership discount. Members of the following organization are welcome to use their membership for a $25 discount. The membership discount can be applied only once per order. The following memberships are eligible for this discount: DC SHRM, WATRA, NOVA SHRM, PG County SHRM, PSC, Montgomery County SHRM, AILA-DC, Dulles SHRM, Howard SHRM, Leesburg SHRM.
Membership Discount $25
The early-bird deadline is approximately one month after the survey opens for participation. Participants in the survey that complete the submission by the early-bird deadline are provided a $50 discount off the purchase price of each survey they participate in and purchase.
Early-bird Discount $50
Early-bird Bundle Discount $100