NCA Compensation Survey Feature: Job Roll-Ups

A new feature of the NCA Compensation Survey started in 2011, Job Roll-ups combine data of jobs with similar responsibilities to provide a more detailed analysis of compensation for similar positions on the same level.

Level Roll-Ups

The NCA Compensation Survey and the Government Contractors Compensation Survey contain a new section, published at the end of the detailed Jobs Section: Level Roll-ups. With the new job leveling methodology for 2011, the survey introduced a new way to describe jobs and job functions within each family. For example, Accounting and Finance is further subdivided into Accounting, Financial Planning, Financial Analysis, Internal Auditing, Tax, Contracts, and Purchasing. This provides greater granularity when describing each job, but it also obligates the respondent to choose among similar or somewhat overlapping functions.

Although a large organization may employ an Accountant III and a Tax Accountant III to focus on their respective areas of specialty, a smaller organization typically assigns both responsibilities to the same person. As a result, whereas in past surveys all respondent would assign all three of these individuals to the same generic “Senior Accountant” title, respondents in the 2011 survey more likely assigned two of the individuals to Accountant III and the tax accountant to Tax Accountant III.

When reviewing survey results for a good match, readers could look to either position for a possible match. However, there are cases when we would like to see the results of both jobs combined. This may happen because the functional responsibilities in each of these areas is close to each other, or because there are few data points in each of the jobs, and the reader feels that both jobs are valid comparators. Level roll-ups are provided for precisely these reasons. Within job families, data from positions at the same level have been combined to create a roll up for that level. Within a job family, all or some of the Professional Level 3 positions are combined into a Roll up for Professional Level 3.


Within Accounting and Finance, the following positions:

  • AFBU213P3 – Financial Planning & Budgeting Professional 3
  • AFFA213P3 – Financial Analysis & Reporting Professional 3
  • AFAU213P3 – Internal Audit Professional 3
  • AFTX213P3 – Tax Professional 3

are combined to form:

  • Accounting/Finance, Accounting Analyst – All Professional 3 Roll-Up

Job Roll-Ups are located at the end of Section VII - Job Detail Section of the Compensation Survey Report.