The HRA-NCA 2018 Compensation Survey

The 39th year of the region’s largest and most comprehensive Compensation Survey sponsored by the Human Resource Association of the National Capital Area (HRA-NCA.)

The highly respected HRA-NCA Compensation Survey compiles essential compensation data on several hundred jobs from every major industry in the Washington-Baltimore-Northern Virginia region. It also provides a detailed policies and practices section covering pay increase budgets, bonuses, turnover, security clearances and much more.

The 2018 HRA-NCA Compensation Survey is now available.


Survey Objectives

  • Collect, analyze and report compensation data—including base pay, formal pay ranges, new hire rates, and cash incentive compensation—for jobs and occupations common to large groups of employers in the survey region.
  • Survey and describe the compensation practices and related policies and programs of responding employers.
  • Survey and report on workplace policies and practices, especially benefits and practices directly related to employee recruitment and retention.


Exclusive Features for Respondents

  • Request Special Cuts: Special Cuts allow you to create a targeted peer group to compare compensation and benefits data to similar organizations in your industry, with purchase of the survey report. Learn more here
  • FREE access to all analytics tools: These powerful tool provides on-line access to the Compensation Survey Jobs Data, with purchase of the survey report here
  • Significant discounts: save up to $720.00 on the purchase price for the survey bundle when you participate in both surveys.


Compensation Survey Unique Features

  • Security Clearance section and detailed security clearance pay differentials: Each job reported includes information on security clearance pay differential for incumbents. Additionally, an overall policies and pay practices section is included on security clearance compensation.
  • Federal Government Section: The Federal Government is the largest employer in the Washington Metropolitan Area. As such, HRA-NCA has partnered with the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) to give local employers insight into the pay for federal employees in the area.
  • Goverment Contractors: A special cut of the Compensation Survey Report including exclusively Government Contractors. Learn more here.
  • Over 500 survey jobs: Detailed job descriptions organized into 23 job families and job tracks. View a .pdf of 2018 Compensation Survey jobs here.
  • Job Roll-ups: combine data of jobs with similar responsibilities to provide a more detailed analysis of compensation for similar positions on the same level. Learn more here.
  • High repeat participant rate: Detailed compensation analysis with trends from the last six years. View a .pdf of 2018 Compensation Survey participants here.


Compensation Policies and Practices

  • Security Clearance
  • Pay Increase Budgets
  • Pay Increase Practices
  • Non-Cash Performance
  • Signing Bonuses
  • Retention Bonuses
  • Referral Bonuses
  • Severance Pay
  • Employee Turnover
  • Application of Salary Ranges
  • Shift Differentials
  • On-Call/Standby Pay Practices
  • Hours Worked and Overtime
  • Compensation Philosophy
  • Job Evaluation
  • Salary Structure
  • The Compensation Function
  • Performance Management
  • Variable Pay


The HRA-NCA 2018 Compensation Survey Report

The 2018 Compensation Survey Report includes data on 515 survey jobs and 19 compensation workplace policies and practices across 201 participating employers. Participating organizations employed approximately 340,000 full-time employees at the time of reporting. The 2018 participants include 144 employers that participated in the 2017 survey. Order the 2018 Compensation Survey Report here.